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Internet Explorer 64-bit doesn’t play nice with SharePoint 2010

A couple of days ago, I got a phone call by a customer, saying they had problems opening certain Excel files in SharePoint 2010 for a specific user and document library.
Excel documents with the XLS extension got opened in Excel without a problem. Opening XLSX documents however generated an error in the browser.

I logged on to their server and took a look at the specific document library. When the customer selected a Excel document with a XLSX extension, SharePoint tried to open the Excel document in Office Web Apps, the ‘online’ version of the Office suite. And he got a “Unable to process the request” error.





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SharePoint Conference 2011



A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from our business unit director that I could visit the 2011 SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, Ca.   Yeaaaaah!

You can image I am very excited about this opportunity, given to me by Rubicon, to go to THE conference, dealing with all things SharePoint.
I’m looking forward to a SharePoint 2010 filled week, visiting great sessions by leaders, geeks and MVP’s in SharePoint.

Some of the session topics I would love to see are about workflows, Infopath and best practices in SharePoint. Also, some jQuery cool features would be very nice 🙂 .

Anyway, if you are attending the SharePoint Conference 2011 and would like to meet at the conference center for a SharePint, a meeting of minds, or just coffee, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from fellow (dutch) SharePoint enthusiasts!