Data Access with Search and the KeywordQuery API (SPC334)

Great session by Phil Wicklund today about SharePoint Search.

Phil’s session consisted of:

  • Overview of data retrieval with Search
  • Introduction to data retrieval with Search
  • Programming search
  • Topology & capacity considerations

Phil gave a very nice overview of possible ways to aggregate data in SharePoint, accessing data with:

  • SharePoint Object model
  • SPQuery
  • Linq to SharePoint
  • Webservices

Problem with all these methods is: they are point to a particular list or library.

Now: using SharePoint Search, you get these benefits:

  • Results can come, not only content from the SharePoint database, but also fileshares
  • Results can come from your LOB outside SharePoint
  • Result can be crossboundary (cross sitecollection, cross farm)
  • No thresholds (using previous methods, you’ll run into problems querying large amounts)

Phil then demoed various ways to use Search out of the box and with custom code. He gave me some great ideas what you can achieve with Search Based Solutions.

Finally, Phil showed some slides about topology & capacity considerations.

Enjoyed his session and I’ll definitely be building some Search Based Apps!

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