Selection Check Box Disappears from Grouped View SharePoint Slide Library

A SharePoint Slide Library offers an effective way of storing, sharing and managing your PowerPoint presentations. If you publish your PowerPoint presentation to a Slide Library, the slides will be uploaded as individual files which you can edit en even reuse for new PowerPoint presentations.

Now when you have a lot of slides, it seems only logical to group your slides into functional groups and maybe even subgroups. However, when you start grouping your slides, a SharePoint bug shows up (SharePoint 2007 & 2010): the selection check boxes disappear!

Only when you use the Expanded grouping in your view, the selection check boxes will show up. But most of the time, you will want to start out with the Collapsed view, due to the large number of slides, like this:

So, what to do? I choose a quick and easy patch…
I configured the view with the grouping, using the Expanded view, so it would render the selection check boxes. Then I added a Content Editor webpart with a small piece of Javascript/JQuery.

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready(function () {


The main ingredient is the selection of the <TD class=”ms-gb”>. This <TD> contains the anchors that are used to expand or collapse a group when clicked. Because every <TD class=”ms-gb”> contains 2 anchors, I only select the first one to avoid a double click.

Additionally, I hide the DIV#MSO_Contenttable before the click and show it after the click to avoid that small moment where the user can see all the slides before the click collapses all the groups.

P.S. Servé Hermans ( pointed out that the collapsed groupview only loads the data from a group when that group is expanded. So, changing the groupview to expand by default will result in a longer loading time.
So, from a performance point of view, keep this in mind when the slide library you are working with contains a large number of items!

6 thoughts on “Selection Check Box Disappears from Grouped View SharePoint Slide Library

  1. Jen Manley

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have been trying to find a work around for this issue for sooo long. Question though is it possible to alter this to work when the group view is collapased?? There is going to be lots of presentations in the library I am working with and the client has requested the collapased group by option. Again thanks!!

  2. Ernst Wolthaus Post author


    Unfortunately, when you use the grouping view, collapsed by default, the Selection Checkbox will disappear, never to be seen again… As far as I know, there’s no solution for this SharePoint bug.

    And please pay attention to my warning about the load of the page when using a lot of slides!

  3. Mark


    I have a page with multiple list and library web parts where I am using Christoph’s (Path to SharePoint) EasyTabs. One of those web parts is for a Slide Library where we have about 8 Presentations, so would like to group by presentation and collapse the groups by default. I changed the view to expand the grouping by default and tried your solution, hoping the script would then collapse them when the selection check boxes were rendered. I put it in a hidden CEWP but as soon as I add this script all the web parts on my page disappear.

    Any chance this script could be modified so that it will only affect a specific library web part on a page where I have multiple list and library web parts?


    1. Ernst Wolthaus Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Perhaps if you remove the $(‘div#MSO_ContentTable’).hide(); part?
      This part will hide everything from view, as described in the blogpost, so users won’t see the collapsing of the groups.


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