Monthly Archives: February 2015

Provider-hosted apps and SharePoint memory

After a period of building and testing a full-blown business application (a provider-hosted app on a SharePoint 2013 farm) it was time to release it to Production.

After an hour or so after installation on Production, I received a call from the IT department telling me memory usage of the SharePoint front-ends has increased significantly. More than 500MB per server and growing… Up to 2GB+…

Very naively, during building, I never really looked at memory usage because I assumed, since I wasn’t building a farm solution, SharePoint would clean up its own mess and the provider-hosted app would be kept under control by the garbage collector.

After the initial call from IT, I immediately started looking at our provider-hosted app. Was there anything there that could leak memory? I did see memory growing so obviously there was an issue.

Because I couldn’t find anything wrong in our code, I decided to start a new provider-hosted app, generated from Visual Studio. Continue reading