Issue with SharePoint Dutch Help content

Today, I was struggling with a SharePoint intranet, trying to get the Help working.

Starting from a standard English SharePoint Server installation, we installed Dutch, German and French. The intranet is running at a dutch customer, so all sites are created by default in dutch. Employees, working at offices abroad, can change the display language to their preferred language (English, German or French).

As a SharePoint consultant, I never tested the Help button (). Why should I? 😉
So that’s why the users found out the Help button couldn’t show the Help content. Why?!


I started looking for answers on the internet and came up with a Microsoft support article and a blogpost by Peter Gerritsen, which looked the most promising. Unfortunately, the recommended actions didn’t work in my case :(.

Fiddling around with the settings, I got the Help content to display. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Go to Site Settings > Language Settings > Turn on English (remember the sitecollection was Dutch by default).
  2. Check the Help content: Dutch help still doesn’t work…
  3. Select the English display language for the site via your personal menu
  4. Click Help again > English Help content is shown!
  5. Select Dutch display language again
  6. Click Help again > Well, I’ll be…! It now displays Dutch Help content…
    Just to be sure:
  7. Go to Site Settings > Language Settings > turn off English
  8. Click Help > It STILL works in dutch!


Now, why this eventually works, I have no idea… Any suggestions?!

By the way, I’ve noticed that doing this for 1 sitecollection corrects the Help content isse for all sitecollections in that webapplication, so the issue is a webapp level issue.

Ernst Wolthaus

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