Solving Enterprise Search challenges with SP 2010 (SPC392)

Matthew McDermott started off this session with the question: “if metadata is invisible, how do you get it into the search index?”. He then showed us where metadata resided in Word documents (kinda obvious) but also where metadata was in photo’s en acrobat files. A nifty tool to view metadata is IFilterview from http://ifiltershopcom (should be freely available soon).

Matthew then showed us some great ideas and techniques for spicing up the search result pages. There were some fantastic looking images galleries, based on search. Also, a very clever constructed video gallery.

Extending the samples even further, there was a customer search page, combined with geo information and additional Bing map images. Very cool and powerful.

Another clever idea was his preemptive search page where (beneath the search box) the user already sees a list of his most recent document, his sites and his tasks.

Finally, he ended the session with some valuable tips on how to debug your XSL and XML for the Search Results webpage.

BTW: all samples were done without code (XSL not counting as code :))

Awesome session and it gave me a lot of great ideas to try out, back in the Netherlands. And I’ll definitely publish some blog posts with more technical information.

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