SPC11: Document are boring. Document solutions are not! (spc340)

John Peltonen started off the first session I attended on the first day of the SharePoint Conference. He was pleasantly surprised so many people turned up to a session with the title “Documents are boring” 🙂

The sessions main goal was to show how you can streamline processes with documents.
Nowadays, we work inside ‘document factories’. We create a lot of documents. Documents that consist of thoughts, specific fields, standard text like disclaimers, etc.
Our goal is to make working with these documents more efficient.

John’s showed us 3 scenario’s:

1. A simple scenario with a document library containing contracts.
When creating a new contract, several fields can be edited through the Document Information Panel or just straight in the document text. Nice to see there’s a 2-way binding.
But even editing a column in the document library (edit properties) propagates the changed value back into the document. Simple but very powerful!

2. Complex scenario for co-authoring
This scenario demonstrated co-authoring in a Word document, but with a twist.
Instead of two people authoring, it combined co-authoring between a user and SharePoint.
John created a quick part in Word that a user could insert into a Word document. This quick part contains content controls.
When a user edits the quick part and saves the document, a event receiver is triggered, goes out and creates a task.
When the task gets updated, this is reflected back into the document. Again, very powerful.

3. Nice demo with REST services and Excel
John demonstrated how to use REST services to extract charts from Excel documents in a document library and saving them as pictures in a picture library for further use.

We have to use creative document solutions so we can:
– save money for the organization
– make processes easier  for the organization

Personal note:
The content of the session wasn’t quite new at the technical level.
But it is good to realize: with the SharePoint technology available today, how creative are you to streamline the document processes?
Document solutions aren’t about technology (anymore), they’re about creativity.

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