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New supporting forms by SharePoint Designer not quite the same

When you want create a new ‘supporting’ form (new/edit/display), there’s a special section in de SharePoint Designer 2010 interface that will create such a file for you:

This will create a new shiny form you can to use and customize. This works a whole lot better than the old crappy way with SharePoint Designer 2007 where you had to copy/paste the code from a newform/editform/dispform to your own .aspx file. And it would always break the attachments functionality… Continue reading

Menu items don’t show in global navigation

Hmmm…. this must be one of the most stupidest bugs I have ever seen in SharePoint.

So what’s the deal?
I’ve got a sitecollection in SharePoint 2010 that will eventually contain about 35 subsites. After creating the first 18 subsites, my global navigation showed only the three subsites I wanted the enduser to see. I hid the other 15 subsites.

My global navigation bar looked like this:

After added an additional 10 sites (all hidden from navigation), I suddenly noticed the menu item “Speaker pool” was gone.

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