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Getting ready for SPC12!

Only one more days before I leave for the SharePoint conference 2012 in Las Vegas. And for those who are connected to me via Twitter (, @ernstwolthaus) know I’m really excited about this conference. For more than 1 reason:

  • Las Vegas
    What a great venue to pick for Microsoft for the first SharePoint conference about SharePoint 2013. Off course it should be all about SharePoint 2013 but the ambiance of Las Vegas will certainly contribute to a great SPC12!
  • The SharePoint community
    Since I’ve been involved with SharePoint, I’m amazed by the amount of SharePoint knowledge that our community is sharing every day! There’s no community that’s living up to the name of it’s product more than the SHAREpoint community. I really love the way people can get excited about anything in SharePoint.
    I couldn’t agree more with Joel Oleson with his recent blogpost: The SharePoint community is the BEST technical community on earth.
  • Meeting the community
    The SharePoint conference 2011 in Anaheim was my first SharePoint conference. I so enjoyed meeting a lot of SharePoint enthusiasts and seeing the great speakers strut their stuff on stage. As you walk don the halls of the conference center, you can feel the excitement. And with SharePoint 2013 RTM, I guess SPC12 will be even more better!
  • SharePoint 2013
    Off course, we’re all excited about this new shiny thing we can play with. Microsoft is really maturing the SharePoint platform. A lot of enhancements have been made to the overall user experience. The new app model is causing a stir (for good or bad…). The integration of FAST into Search is a real sellingpoint to our customers as search is getting ever more important to our intra/extranets.
    But I’m most excited about the improvements on the client object model. In the past two years I’ve been doing a lot of work with REST, CSOM, SPServices, jQuery, javascript and numerous addons. The client object model in SharePoint 2010 is a powerful (and fast!) way of retrieving and editing data. Combined with all kinds of javascript libraries and a creative imagination, you can build some great one page apps.
    And with the extensions made in SharePoint 2013 the possibilities are even more powerful and awesome. Man, I so love this way to get good looking and working apps out the to customer in no-time at all, just by adding a textfile with javascript. You should see me jumping up and down with excitement when I’m presenting a session about this stuff! (it’s kind of embarrassing actually…oh well…)

So, a number of good reasons to be in Vegas next week: the people, the product, the place.
Hope to see and meet you in Vegas!