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Hitting the listview threshold AKA did you empty your recycle bin?

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from a customer telling me his users were hitting the listview threshold eventhough he was sure there weren’t more than about 3000 listitems in the specific list they were using.

Now, after several years of working with SharePoint, you somehow develop a sort of sixth sense of understanding what the problem might be. I’m sure all you SharePoint developers recognize this 🙂

So I asked the application owner if he could check the recycle bin (both of them!) and empty if needed. Fortunately, that did the trick.

After some Googling, I found out that this behaviour is known for SharePoint. Items in the recycle bin are not really deleted. If you are using an indexed field, the deleted items in the recycle bin will still be taken into the total count. So, if there are a couple of thousand deleted listitems in the recycle bin and only a few in the list itself, you might still hit the listview threshold.

Using the My Site and build a social network

I usually don’t blog about other blogposts because it doesn’t add any value, but I’d like to make a exception.
I came across the following article about using the My Site as a business social network. It is basic, but I think makes for a very nice entry point for customers starting out with SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint social – Update your My Site and build a business social network

Using calculated column to display SharePoint calendar

Displaying a SharePoint calendar in your intranet/internet site is quite easy. You just add the calendar web part to the page and voilà!

Now, for the most columns in the calendar, this works just fine. To display a Yes for an All Day Event is an option. You don’t like it? Just remove the column from the view. But if you want to use and display All Day Events, the result can be annoying. Check this out:

See that begin and end time of the all day event? It start at 0:00 and ends at 23:59. Now that is pretty ugly to show to your website visitors, isn’t it?

So, what can you do?

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Opening and closing tags. Getting around XML rules of XSLT

Working with XSLT in SharePoint can make you come up with some ‘creative’ solutions to a problem.

When using the Content Query WebPart (CQWP), the XML data from a SharePoint list is passed to the CQWP XSLT template node by node. So if you want to render the data in a HTML table, you need to render a <table> tag before the first node with of data and close with a </table> tag after the last node with data. Unfortunately, XSLT doesn’t accept single opening or closing tags. Everything in XSLT must be opened and closed. An opening tag without a closing tag or vice versa is not allowed.

So you need to get creative…

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Cannot open PDF from SharePoint

On a number of occasions customers have asked me why they cannot open Acrobat PDF files in their browser from a SharePoint 2010 document library. When the URL for the PDF file is clicked, the browser only gives two options: ‘Save’ and ‘Cancel’.
There is no option given for ‘Open’ to open the document straight away.

This is not a client setting (which was my first thought).

There a setting in the General Settings of the Web Application that handles security headers when documents are opened in the browser. By default, this is set to ‘Strict’.

Changing this to ‘Permissive’ will give the users the option to open the document straight from the browser.


Please note: whether the PDF opens in the browser or in a separate Acrobat clientapp is still a client setting 🙂

Ernst Wolthaus

FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint introduction videos

Some people might think that ‘FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint’ is only a upscale, faster version of the standard SharePoint Enterprise Search. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Here are some introduction videos to shed some more light on FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint.

FAST Search for SharePoint demo

Search Driven Applications

More SharePoint videos here…

Banging my head against the wall

I’ve been focusing on SharePoint 2010 (and 2007) now for the past 18 months. And even though I have a background as software developer, it has been a steep learning curve for me. A lot of times, I was banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out why SharePoint wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. Sound familiar, right? 😉

I have had a lot of help (and still) from certain colleagues, calling them 10+ times a day, asking them every question imaginable about SharePoint (thanks, Emil :D)

In other cases, Google has been my friend, pointing me to invaluable blogs about SharePoint and other related stuff.

Having learned a great deal about SharePoint, I thought it might be time to start blogging about it. Giving back to the community, so to speak.

So, here it is… I hope you find my posts useful.

Ernst Wolthaus