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ULS Viewer stops working

A couple of weeks ago I noticed my ULS Viewer stopped working. It suddenly just stopped reading the logfiles.

Now, because I didn’t have the time to investigate, I resorted to opening the most recent logfile with Notepad++ and try to trace what was happening. It does work (although it’s a ton of text you need to scan for issues) but finally I got fed up working like this and decided to fix the problem.

I tried everything, from different ways to connect to the logfiles to downloading the executable and replacing the old one.

Nothing worked till I saw some vague answer in the Google search results (do you also scan the Google results for answers without opening the pages themselves? :)) about cleaning up the logfile folder.

I quickly removed all the old files (not the current one ’cause that one is locked) and fired up ULS Viewer again. YES, it fixed the problem! Man, did I miss using ULS Viewer…

BTW: if you are working with SharePoint as a developer and don’t know ULS Viewer (I cannot imagine), try it. You’ll love it! http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/ULSViewer